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Denis Hayes
Advisory Board

Computers Across Borders

Distribution Operations:


Our first delivery sites in Latin America are schools in the village of Vilcabamba, Ecuador. With a population of 5000, Vilcabamba lies at the base of the Andean Mountains in the Loja province. The village is powered by hydroelectric facilities, a renewable energy source which CAB supports. Vilcabamba has two high schools with a total of 700 students, four elementary schools with a total of 975 students (grades 1-6), and there are ten grade schools located in rural locations around Vilcabamba. All have at least one working computer used for administrative or student purposes, and all are anxious for more. We are fortunate to be coordinating this project with the assistance of Aldaver Gauna, the mayor of Vilcabama, Jose Picoita, elected to national leadership as Presidente de Juntas Paroquiales, and Yvonne Mancanchi, a skilled computer engineer who operates a computer business, Vilcanet, in Vilcabamba. Together, they are going to help us deliver, install, connect, and maintain the donated computers. We are very excited to have an opportunity to provide the students of the village with much needed equipment.


CAB is donating 30 Pentium-class computers and monitors with French keyboards to schools in Senegal. The recipients there will include both the university in Dakar, as well as several villages powered by solar photovoltaic technology. CAB will also donate some computer equipment to the 10,000 Girls Foundation in Senegal, which works to create education and employment for girls from rural Senegal.


CAB's second distribution target in Africa is the town of Dwenase, located in Ghana. The town, which runs on renewable hydropower, has a population of about 2000. The computers donated by CAB will be run on renewable energy, and used in the town's recently completed state-of-the-art library.


Computers Across Borders is donating computers to two schools in India. India is one of the signficant developers of wind power resources in the world. Several states in India derive more than 10% of their total electric power from wind resources, which exceeds that percentage in many developed nations. Computers Across Borders is working in India to donate computers to the Devi Academy in Dumbivli, on the outskirts of Mumbai, India. We also are working to move computers to the Salaxmi School for Girls, situated outside of Lucknow, India. Each of these schools is providing an education to children who otherwise might not have access to quality educational resources.