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Denis Hayes
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March 13, 2010: Donation to UCAES

Goodwin Proctor, a Boston-based law firm, has donated 100 computers to CAB's efforts. We have arranged to send these machines to the University College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies, in Bunso, Ghana. Logistics on the receiving end have kindly been arranged by Professor Kwame C. Serbeh-Yiadom, with whom we are delighted to work. We greatly appreciate the generous donation from Goodman Proctor and the opportunity to partner with them, the UCAES, and Professor Serbeh-Yiadom for this project. This marks CAB's third donation in as many years to recipients in Ghana.

(The 2007-2009 news archive entries are currently missing due to a recent database failure. We're working to rebuild this section of the news page and appreciate your patience.)

January 8, 2007: Computers En Route to Ghana; NYC Project Announced

Desktop and laptop Computers donated to CAB left last week with a delegation for Dwenase, Ghana, and will be arriving sometime this week. These computers will be used in the village's newly constructed library to access educational resources. Additionally, we're proud to report that we will be setting up two computer labs, of 20 machines each, at two magnet schools in New York City. These two schools are The Urban Assembly School for the Urban Environment, in Brooklyn, and The Urban Assembly Academy of Government and Law on the Seward Park campus on Grand Street in New York City. The Urban Assembly provides students in underserved schools with a second chance in a family of small schools in NYC with outstanding principals, supported by private, public and non-profit sectors, including support from the Gates Foundation. CAB is delighted to assist these efforts.

December 6, 2006: New Distribution Target -- Ghana

Wer're delighted to report that we've added schools in Ghana as our fourth target to receive donated computers. A delegation led by Kwabena Kyei-Aboagye will be taking computers to our target schools, found in hydroelectric-powered villages, over the December holiday period. Click on Ghana's flag, located in the right column, for more information.

October 2, 2006: CAB.org v3.0; Distribution Status Update

The new version of ComputersAcrossBorders.org has been launched, which features a new "Operations" page dedicated to the countries currently targeted for distribution. On the page can be found detailed information about the schools and townships scheduled to recieve donations. We're currently in the process of finalizing logistics and moving a few dozen computers (both desktops and laptops) to the countries detailed on our Operations page -- specifically, to the Devi Academy and Salaxami School in India, middle and high schools in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, and various sites in Dakar, Senegal.

August 16, 2006: Ecuador Project Plans Confirmed

We are confirming plans for our first delivery site in Latin America -- the village of Vilcabamba, Ecuador. With a population of 5000, Vilcabamba lies at the base of the Andean Mountains in the Loja province. The village is powered by hydroelectric facilities, a renewable energy source which CAB supports. Vilcabamba has two high schools with a total of 700 students, four elementary schools with a total of 975 students (grades 1-6), and there are ten grade schools located in rural locations around Vilcabamba. All have at least one working computer used for administrative or student purposes, and all are anxious for more. We are fortunate to be coordinating this project with the assistance of Aldaver Gauna, the mayor of Vilcabama, Jose Picoita, elected to national leadership as Presidente de Juntas Paroquiales, and Yvonne Mancanchi, a skilled computer engineer who operates a computer business, Vilcanet, in Vilcabamba. Together, they are going to help us deliver, install, connect, and maintain the donated computers. We are very excited to have an opportunity to provide the students of the village with much needed equipment.

July 29, 2006: CAB.org v2.0; Four Continent Distribution Plan

The new version of the website was rolled out today. Contact info is now availible on our contact page. Please bear with us as we continue to update and expand various parts of the site.

Our outreach strategy at this point is a four continent distribution plan; In developing countries, CAB is targeting schools in communities that employ renewable power in Asia, Africa, and South America. Our first Asian outreach is to two schools in India: the Devi Academy in Dumbivli, a village located just outside of Mumbai, and the Salaxmi School for Girls (partnered with the Salus Foundation), located in Gomti Nagar near Lucknow. In India, where the expenditure on elementary education is only about eight cents per day per student, computers from CAB and the vistas they will open will make a substantial difference. In Africa, CAB is establishing a project in Senegal, which has a model village renewable energy program underwritten by international lending agencies, a stable government, and, in Dakar, the only campus of an American university in Africa, through which we will work on program delivery. In South America, we are looking at Ecuador as an initial destination. Over time, we plan to branch out in our program outreach. We will plan to deliver many of the less portable desktop computers and monitors to deserving schools in the U.S. Sixteen states have adopted renewable energy trusts, funded by small levies on electric bills, that subsidize the installation of solar photovoltaic energy systems in schools and elsewhere. We will coordinate with such programs to identify an inventory of schools for possible donation of equipment. Within days of opening our doors, we also received offers of doantion of computer equipment from European donors, and we may also identify European destinations for desktop computers.

July 27, 2006: First Pledged Donations

Within 48 hours of launching our site, we've recieved generous pledges for donated computers, monitors, printers, and spare parts from donors in New York, Los Angeles, London, Boston, and Brussels. In addition, we've recieved pledges of cash contributions from several others in various U.S. cities. We plan to use this cash for costs associated with repairing, outfitting, and shipping the computers. The initial response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we hope that more donations will continue to roll in. If you wish to help in any way, or have any questions concerning our operations, please contact us here.

July 25, 2006: ComputersAcrossBorders.org launched

This website, which has been under heavy production for the last week, was launched today. Please excuse any bugs, as some of the technical details and back pages are still being worked on.